Lifting Pins

Manhole pipe lifting pins have been designed and made specifically to safely lift and position concrete manhole chambers. The unique quick-release feature enables the ground workers to complete the installation without additional tools.

Available Sizes:

Pin DiaMax. Wall
25mm120mm750kg per pin
32mm150mm1000kg per pin
35mm175mm1500kg per pin
38mm215mm2000kg per pin

Specials: Other sizes manufactured to order

Shock loads can be more than twice the static load. Exceeding the SWL could result in failure of the lifting pin.

Lewis Pins

Lewis Pins must always be used in a vertical lift, and are a final positioning solution as opposed to a lifting and carrying device. For this reason, a safety sling should always be used together with the Lewis Pin, until the stone or block is close to its final position.

Available Sizes:

Pin DiaSWL

Manhole Cover Keys

These heavy-duty manhole keys are designed to lift and remove most standard non-locking manhole covers, drain gully covers and access panels.

The robust keys are zinc plated for rust protection. They have rectangular T shaped key ends and large triangular shaped handles that provide a positive grip and allow easy access for gloved hands.